Steam cleaning is also referred to as hot water extraction or high pressure hot water extraction. The name itself tells how steam cleaning works since the steam or hot water is one of the most effective methods in separating allergens, dirt and bacteria on the threads of the carpet. If your carpet has tough stains, heat is often recommended to remove them.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

However, steam cleaning has some downfalls too. There are some kinds of carpets that are not working well with steam cleaning. For example, Berber carpeting does not react well when saturated with water as well as loose rugs and older carpets because they will shrink, the adhesive strips will be stripped or the fabric will tear itself. On the other hand, wool and synthetic carpets can be cleaned through steam but they require pre-treatments.

Upholstery cleaning Services

Despite some of its downfalls, it cannot be denied that steam cleaning is very popular nowadays, it can clean stains and spots off carpets, furniture, upholsteries and even floors. It is effective because it does not use harmful chemicals to sanitize your home, as a result, it can get rid of the potential harmful bacteria. Using steam cleaning to clean your home can save money, time and promote environmental friendly cleaning method.

Steam cleaning has many benefits, they are:

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  • It is environmental friendly. Steam cleaning only needs water and heat which means you can avoid those harmful chemicals like bleach or ammonia that can pose health risks.
  • It is beneficial to your health. Steam cleaning does not use cleaning agents that are harmful to your health. Using other methods of cleaning your carpet or everything around the home like chemical cleaners leave some residue which can be hazardous and can cause diseases. You must think about your children who love to crawl or play on the floor including your pets. These chemicals pose potential danger to your family’s health.
  • Steam cleaning is proven to remove dust mites, fleas and bed bugs. Dust mites follow pollen as the number one allergens in humans. With the use of steam cleaning, it can eliminate dust mites, in effect, your family’s exposure to these allergens can be reduced.
  • Eliminating the allergens in your home reduces the risk of acquiring asthma. If you have small children, they are highly susceptible to asthma if your home is exposed to allergens that are present in your beds, furniture and sofas.
  • Save money. Steam cleaning is not only used to clean your carpets at home but can be used to clean almost all upholstery and surfaces in your home. There is no need to buy different cleaning products that your home needs; thus, it can help you save money.

Steam cleaning is an all-around cleaning method that you can use in your home.