Choosing the right carpet cleaner is extremely important to the livelihood of your home. Carpets can harbor all kinds of dust, allergens, dirt and other unwanted elements. Your carpet acts as a filter and absorbs common allergens and germs. Your carpets will become full over time, just like an air filter, and will need to be properly cleaned to remain effective at collecting these particles from the air.

Carpet Cleaning In Carlsbad

If anyone in your household has allergies, regular carpet cleaning is a must to remove allergens from time to time. Having pets also adds to the dirt and allergens in your carpet, so you need to consider regular cleaning to remove those particles as well.

You want your carpets to have a deep clean, dry fast and provide a healthier home for your family, right? Exceptional Cleaning Services can do just that for you.

We give you a clean not only that you can see, but also you can trust to provide a healthier home for you and your family.

Non-Toxic Steam Cleaning

Most carpet cleaners use toxic chemicals with dangerous fumes and residue that can seriously affect the health and well being of you and your family. These chemicals have been linked to health issues including damage to liver, kidneys and the human nervous system. Also, a few of the other chemicals are potentially carcinogenic. Do we have your attention now?

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers for the best cleaning and upkeep of your carpet. This process uses a fine spray of water to force out dirt. A vacuum or extractor lifts the dirt in front of the spray.

Upholstery cleaning

Our cleaning service uses all natural, high temperature steam and avoids harsh soaps or chemicals used by other companies. This process is completely safe and non-toxic for you, children and pets. We also use less water in our steam process to avoid the risk of mold and mildew.
Don’t worry our cleaning still penetrates deep into the carpet fibers to remove embedded dirt and germs from your home. Our high grade, extraction equipment pulls out all these allergens and dirt for a more thorough clean. To top that, since we do not leave a residue behind from soaps or other chemicals, your carpets will stay cleaner longer without that residue attracting dirt.

The process is quick and gentle. You do not need to worry about your carpet being damaged regardless of its type of fibers. We are very experienced working with all types of carpet. Also, we use only the best and safest machines out there. Having high-grade machinery is extremely important to protect your carpet.

Fast Drying

You use your carpets daily and the last thing you want is to have to wait a long time, possibly days, for them to dry to be able to walk on them. Not with Exceptional Cleaning Services! We know you need to get back to life as normal quickly. Your carpet will dry within hours so you can get back to daily use almost immediately. This is because we don’t use as much water or other chemicals as other carpet cleaners.

Heavy Soiled Carpets

Your carpet is in use daily and life happens. No worries if you have heavily soiled spots or carpet in general. We will work with you to restore your carpet. We use hot water steam extraction of carpet cleaning. For those soiled spots, we recommend our rotary steam extraction machine. This machine not only removes the majority of these spots – it also can restore the carpet’s pile and appearance. We do our best to use the least amount of chemical even for those heavily soiled areas.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

We can also handle pet soils and odors as well. If you have pets, they can surely soil your carpets, but we have you covered. Our cleaning will remove odors and pet dander that gets trapped in your carpet’s fibers and padding for a cleaner, healthier environment.


Over time, the factory-applied stain resistant will become less effective and leave your carpets exposed to staining. We offer protectants to help your carpets stay stain resistant and create a barrier to prevent further soils. Be sure to ask us about adding a protectant after your cleaning.

Guaranteed Work

Our process begins with an inspection of your carpet and determining your needs and wants. When we begin cleaning, we will protect your floors and walls with guards and tarps. Need us to move furniture? Not a problem, our experts will move your furniture with great care.
Along with our cleaning services, we will deodorize your carpets. We guarantee our work and will fix any cleaning that does not leave you satisfied. Your 100 percent satisfaction is our goal, and we want you to be happy with your service. It’s why we are in business. We know you have a choice in carpet cleaners and can do some cleaning yourself. If you clean your carpets, you will not get as deep of a clean.

Our promise is to provide you exceptional cleaning services – just like our name! Our experts are highly trained and know the value of real customer service.

Our experts will work with you to create a personalized carpet-cleaning program to fit your needs and your budget. You will be confident that your carpets and upholstery is truly clean deep down – and it is safe for your family. That is our promise to you.

Interested in learning more? We service all of the Carlsbad and surrounding areas. Give us a call today for a no-hassle estimate. You will be happy you did.