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Water Damage Restoration in Carlsbad

Exceptional Cleaning Services offers cleaning and restoration in Carlsbad, CA. They offer a variety of services to their customers, including water damage restoration for residential houses and commercial buildings.

Carpet Tile Flood Cleaning

Water damage should not get left untreated. Whether a flood occurred, or a leak developed, the water left behind needs to get taken care of immediately. That is what Exceptional Cleaning Services is here for. They offer 24/7 service to home and business owners with an emergency. They are the best option in the area.

Items to Move

Before the restoration process begins, the Exceptional Cleaning Services crew moves the necessary items out of the way. This includes all electrical items and electronic devices that can get destroyed by just a little water. Once these items are in a dry, secure location, any wet objects already damaged by water are also removed from the area.

The Restoration Process

The restoration process includes a few precise steps. Each needs to be followed correctly in order for the home or business to be completely cleared of all water and severe damage avoided. The first step in the process is water extraction. All water from the area should get extracted and dispersed elsewhere. This is especially important for floors. Carpeted and hardwood floors can absorb the water, ensuring damage occurs to the structural surface underneath. This also provided a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Water Damage Restoration

Water extraction is not all that is needed. Even with the water no longer visible, remaining moisture within the walls and floors can still cause damage. The area also needs time to dry. Exceptional Cleaning Services brings in large fans to place in various areas throughout the home or building. They may also use dehumidifiers. This absorbs the moisture within the air and ensures no further moisture is left to fester and cause mold growth. After the area is dry, the crew works to deodorize. Wet carpets and components quickly develop a musty smell. All surfaces are also disinfected to ensure no bacteria can grow. Following this process precisely limits the possibility of mold growth and ensures no further damage is done.

Water Damage Repairs

The water damage Repairs Carlsbad customers need typically include floorboard removal and reinstallation, pipe replacement, and structural drying. Exceptional Cleaning Services helps customers manage these repairs and return their homes and businesses to normal. Floorboards can crack, warp, and buckle if they are left wet and not properly treated. Pipes may burst, meaning they will have to get replaced. Even the structure of the home can become damaged if water finds its way inside. These repairs need to be made immediately to avoid long term damage and additional problems.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Wet Basements

The basement is a common location for water damage to occur. Water easily floods into the basement when a pipe breaks or severe weather starts. Exceptional Cleaning services sends a crew down to the basement to get all water extracted and the area cleaned. A damp, dark area has the highest possibility for mold to grow. A wet basement needs immediate treatment to prevent mold growth from happening. Not only does the water need extraction, but walls often need holes and cracks filled, and sometimes the foundation repaired. The crew will assess the damage and instruct the homeowner on the best course of action for having the damage repaired. After the repair is complete, homeowners should consider having their basement waterproofed.

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Hardwood floors require immediate dry time. Any moisture left within the floorboards can cause buckling, raised edges, and warped boards. Exceptional Cleaning Services will ensure all hardwood floors are completely dried out and safe before leaving. Floors should never get sanded or replaced before proper dry time has been allowed. It can cause further problems down the line.

Carpet and stone cleaning

Structural Drying

A home or business may suffer structural damage if it is left wet and not properly dried out. Exceptional Cleaning Services provides an immediate assessment of the building’s structure to determine if any structural drying is needed. They also check the plumbing system to see if the problem occurred because of a leak or other plumbing problem throughout the building or home. Electrical components also get checked, ensuring no damage occurred to wires and devices that could cause a shock when touched. Special fans and dehumidifiers will be placed within the walls and directed at floorboards so any areas within the home or building’s structure will dry quickly. this prevents further damage from occurring. Water damage to a structural feature could cause major trouble down the line, and costly repairs.

Source Inspection

The source of the water leak needs to be found in order to ensure the problem will not occur again. Even if the water came from outside because of a storm, the entry point needs to be detected so the area can be properly sealed. Exceptional Cleaning Services will pinpoint the water’s point of entry and seal or repair the area so no further water can make its way through.

Damage Assessment

Customers do not have to worry about taking assessments of the damage that occurred after water damage. Exceptional Cleaning Services handles it all. They document all damages found and provide their customers with a list of what was discovered. There are also forms to fill out for the insurance company. They help customers fill out and file these forms, informing them of all damages and details to write down. These forms help discover the cost of the items lost and the overall value of the property. Insurance companies require this form before they can make their own assessments regarding which items are covered under the policy and which are not.

As licensed general contractors, we can help to repair damaged floors, walls, cabinets, drywall, and painting. We work with insurance companies to get the damages repaired at a low cost to you. Exceptional Cleaning Services is the best in the area, offering a variety of water damage restoration services in Carlsbad.

Water Damage Restoration in Oceanside

It’s bad enough when excess moisture gets inside of your home. Yet flooding, such as that caused by natural disasters or burst pipes, is far worse. When this amount of water enters your home, the situation can quickly turn into an emergency.

Water damage is one of the most expensive problems a homeowner can face. Not only does it ruin valuable belongings and create serious structural problems, it can also leave behind toxic elements that create a severe biological threat, even after removal.

Upholstery cleaning

The potential severity of water damage is exactly why you should leave clean up and restoration to the professionals. We provide water damage restoration in Oceanside for those afflicted with such a problem.

Take Immediate Action

Immediate action is absolutely critical when it comes to home water damage. It helps minimize long-term damages and protects your family’s safety.

Timely restoration greatly reduces the severity of structural damage. You need to get the water out as soon as possible. You then need to dry and dehumidify the area to prevent further problems.

Calling in the professionals also immediately reduces health risks. Water damage creates serious health issues by creating a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. And that’s not to mention the dangers of contaminated water.

Simply put, call in our water damage restoration professionals as soon as you detect water damage in your home.

Common Water Damage Scenarios

Our team of skilled professionals can handle disasters of any type and size. The specifics of each situation are looked at carefully to gauge the particular type of restoration needed. A few of the most common water damage scenarios we see in Oceanside include:

  • Flooding
  • Storm Damage
  • Leaking Appliances, Plumbing, and Water Heaters
  • Overflowing Bathtubs, Sinks, and Toilets
  • Sewage Backups
  • Our Water Damage Restoration Process

    Every water damage situation requires a unique solution. We tailor our restoration process to the specifics of your situation. With that said, the basics of the process remain the same. The individual steps include:

  • Emergency Contact – Call us immediately for a professional assessment. Our team will arrive at your home at your earliest convenience to inspect the damage. Even a delay of only a few hours can be the difference between quick and affordable or lengthy and expensive repairs.
  • Inspection and Assessment – Our team will start our thorough inspection of your property immediately. We assess the water damage and create a detailed plan to restore your property to its original condition. This involves stopping the source of the water, identifying the type of water (and its contamination level), and completing a safety inspection.
  • Water Removal – As soon as our inspection is complete, our team will begin to remove the water from your home with our top quality equipment. Our powerful pumps and vacuum units can extract even hundreds of gallons of water in no time at all. Special equipment is used to ensure that no water is left “hiding” behind walls or ceilings.
  • Drying and Dehumidification – Your home will most likely look dry once all the water is removed – but it isn’t. There is still a lot of moisture left. A large portion is likely stored in porous materials such as drywall and wood. If left to its own devices, this water will cause warping, swelling, and breakage in addition to mold growth.

    The drying and dehumidification process is designed to remove every last hint of moisture. Equipment such as industrial air movers and dehumidifiers are used to remove leftover moisture. Moisture meters make sure that we don’t leave until the job is 100 percent complete.

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing – When water enters your home, it often contains toxic contaminants. Even if it doesn’t, it likely brought in a lot of dirt and debris. It’s essential to clean the damaged areas.

    Our water damage restoration service includes cleaning and sanitizing. Not only do we clean your home’s many surfaces (including floors, walls, and ceilings), we also help clean your personal belongings. We have specialized equipment to clean objects including furniture and clothing.

    Sanitization and deodorization are the last steps of our cleaning process. We apply antimicrobial, antibacterial, and disinfectant treatments as needed. We also have equipment to help remove lingering odors from your home.

  • Restoration – The final step of the water damage restoration process is the actual restoration. This can only be accomplished once all moisture has been removed and every surface has been cleaned.

    The level of restoration your home requires depends on the severity of the water damage. Many homes only need minor repairs such as drywall or carpet replacement. Others need major repairs including reconstruction of certain areas or rooms. Still other homes need no repairs at all.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Our Oceanside, California water damage restoration services are not limited to residential buildings. We also offer commercial water damage restoration.

Stone polishing and sealing

If your office or business has been damaged by water, follow the same steps we outlined for home water damage restoration above. Most importantly, remember to act quickly and give us a call immediately. The sooner we can start working, the cheaper and quicker the restoration process will be.

Guaranteed Work

Our water damage restoration service gives you the best bang for your buck in Oceanside, CA. Not only is our service of the highest quality, it’s also quick and efficient.

We stick out from the pack thanks largely to our attention to detail. We strive to tackle every little aspect of restoration so your home is back in its original condition quickly.

Our guarantee of quality extends from our attention of detail to our commitment to our customers. We know how stressful dealing with water damage can be and we want to make the process of restoration as easy and painless as possible.

Part of the way we do this is with the best products and equipment. We constantly update our repertoire of removal, drying, dehumidification, cleaning, sanitizing, and restoration equipment. We also believe in using 100 percent natural cleaning and sanitizing products to ensure the health of your home.

If your home or business is ever damaged by water, give us a call right away.

Clean Carpets are Healthy Carpets

Choosing Best Carpet Cleaning Oceanside Ca

Selecting the right carpet cleaner is about more than the cleanliness of your home. It’s also about increasing their lifespan and improving the health of your home.

The fact is that dirty carpets harbor all kinds of nasty stuff. Dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria are just the tip of the iceberg. Carpet Cleaning Oceanside  when clean, your carpets actually act as a filter for these elements. However, as they become full, they stop filtering these elements, leading to a dramatic decrease in your home’s air quality.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Great Results, Non Toxic

Regular carpet cleaning is a must for everyone. Yet it’s especially important if any members of your household have allergies. You should also clean your carpets more frequently if you have pets or small children.Our process and Product is safe for babies, pets and adults. Its GREEN Carpet Cleaning in Oceanside

A healthy and happy home is one with clean carpets. So let us give them a clean that you can see – as well as a clean that benefits the health of everyone in your family.

Non-Toxic Steam Cleaning Oceanside Ca

Speak directly with almost any carpet manufacturer and we guarantee they’ll recommend steam cleaning or hot water extraction. In fact, It is also recomended

These processes use a fine spray of water directed onto the carpet to force dirt and other debris out. An Powerful Vacuum extractor is then run over the carpet to pick up this dirt and debris.

In addition to the overall effectiveness of steam cleaning, this method has another major benefit. It’s completely natural and non-toxic. Unlike other types of carpet cleaners, we avoid toxic chemicals that have been shown to produce dangerous fumes and residue.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Your family’s health and safety is our top priority and this shows in the quality of the cleaning products we use. Our high temperature steam cleaning avoids the use of harsh soaps and chemicals so you, your children, and your pets are completely safe.

Another factor that sets our non-toxic steam cleaning apart is that our carpet cleaners use less water. The majority of professional cleaners out there simply use too much water, increasing the risk of mold and mildew. We know how risky the growth of these elements is so we minimize our use of water to cut out the chance of them developing.

With that said, you don’t have to worry that our carpet cleaning isn’t up to par. Despite our use of natural cleaners and less water, our non-toxic steam cleaning actually cleans carpets better. Our cleaning goes deep into your carpet to not only remove noticeable dirt but dirt that’s been embedded in your carpet’s fibers for years.

Best of all, our non-toxic steam cleaning is quick and gentle. Your carpets are safe in our hands and won’t be damaged. All of our cleaners are trained professionals using the highest quality machines and equipment available. We’ll be in and out before you know it, yet your carpets will look like they were scrubbed for hours.

Fast Drying Steam Cleaning

One of the most common gripes with carpet cleaning is the long dry time. Traditional carpet cleaning leaves your carpets damp for hours, requiring you to avoid them for the better part of a day (or more).

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Fast Drying

Our professional carpet cleaning is different. Thanks to our limited use of water and chemical cleaners, our carpets actually dry much faster. Sure, they still require a short dry period, but you won’t have to wait all day to use them normally again.

Heavily Soiled Carpets

We get it – accidents happen, especially with children and pets. So don’t worry. Our non-toxic steam cleaning is perfect for heavily soiled carpets.

Whether you have one particularly dirty spot or your entire carpet has been through the ringer, we have you covered. Our non-toxic steam cleaning can restore even the dirtiest of carpets to near-new condition.

Benefits of steam cleaning

Restorative Steam Cleaning

We do, however, recommend specialized equipment for heavily soiled carpets. Our rotary steam extraction machine has proven a champ in this respect. It not only removes heavy stains and spots, it also restores your carpet’s original appearance, including its pile.

Pet soils and odors are another area we’re particularly experienced in. Our non-toxic steam cleaner digs into your carpet to remove these odors. Our carpet cleaning will also remove pet dander that’s been trapped in your carpet’s fibers.


When your carpet is first installed, it comes with a factory-applied protectant. The goal of this protectant is to resist stains and keep your carpets cleaner. Over time, this protectant wears off and loses effectiveness.

After cleaning your carpets, we apply a protectant or scotchguard  to keep them clean long into the future. Like our carpet cleaning, our protectants are 100% natural. They create a barrier between dirt and your carpets to prevent further issues down the road.It is a great benefit to protect high traffic areas.

Guaranteed Work

We guarantee you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck when you choose us as your professional carpet cleaners.

Our attention to detail and quality starts right from the get-go. We start our process with an inspection of your carpet. We use this time to determine your specific needs and preferences.

The actual cleaning process starts by first protecting your home. We move your furniture to safe areas of the home with great care. We also put guards and tarps on your wood floors and walls to ensure their safety.

We deodorize your carpets after we clean them. We know that a big part of a clean home relates to smell. And we want to ensure that yours smells like new.

We place the customer first through every step of our cleaning process. We want you to be 100 percent satisfied with our service and the finished product. We want you to be so wowed by our carpet cleaning that you’ll hire us again in the future.

That’s why we don’t stop with cleaning. Our professional cleaning experts will help you create a personalized cleaning plan to keep your carpets clean down the road. Of course, we’re more than happy to come back anytime you need, but a little legwork from you drastically decreases the rate at which your carpets will get dirty.

Simply put, keeping your carpets clean is what we’re all about. So if you’re looking for professional carpet cleaning in Oceanside, CA, look no further than us.

We Also Offer Tile Cleaning Oceanside. We can clean your tile or stone floors and seal them with an impregnator sealer that will last for years. Tile or stone floors, walss,

Mold Remediation in Oceanside

Mold is one of the most serious problems facing home and business owners. Its growth is greatly accelerated by the presence of moisture, especially through the introduction of a water source such as a flood or plumbing leak.

The key to taking care of a mold problem is acting fast. Don’t wait to take care of the problem later – act immediately. Mold can spread through an entire property in as little as 72 hours, turning a minor problem into a major one in no time at all.

The best way to tackle mold in your home or business is by calling the professionals. A professional mold remediation company will be able to remove mold and remediate your property as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our company offers such services in Carlsbad for very competitive prices.

Understanding Mold

There is no denying you already know what mold is. But most people don’t have much of an understanding beyond the basics.

Mold spores exist almost everywhere. They are found in both outdoor and indoor environments of all climates. With this in mind, it’s impossible to remove 100 percent of the mold from your home or business.

Carpet Tile Flood Cleaning

This is the reason why it’s important to go with a company that advertises mold restoration instead of mold removal. Claiming to “remove” mold is a fallacy that is likely backed by a less than stellar service. Companies, like ours, that advertise mold remediation often have a better understanding of what mold is and how to keep it to a minimum within a property.

So how does mold get inside of your home or business in the first place? For starters, mold spores are microscopic. You can be as clean as you want to be yet these spores are still lurking in your home. They float in the air, entering your property through open windows and doors. They can even hitch rides on your clothing or on your pets.

Mold spores multiply when there is ample moisture present. More moisture equals more mold. When exposed to larger quantities of water, these mold spores quickly grow into entire colonies. This is when you begin to have a problem.

Mold remediation is nothing without water removal. If you clean up mold without fixing the water source, it will be back before you know it. In other words, you can’t start mold remediation until you address water and moisture first.

Dangers of Mold

Mold can cause a number of health problems, especially in children and the elderly. It’s important to consider these health issues when assessing your home’s mold problem.

The most common health problems mold causes include nasal stuffiness, coughing and wheezing, throat irritation, skin irritation, and eye irritation. Those with serious mold allergies will experience these symptoms more severely. Shortness of breath is also common.

Water Damage Restoration

Interestingly enough, mold doesn’t affect everyone. Some people don’t experience any short-term symptoms when mold is present. Yet that doesn’t mean it’s not affecting your health. Studies show that mold can lead to immune disturbances, fatigue, and even depression. These are symptoms that many people don’t link directly to mold.

Of course, mold causes other problems besides those related to health. It can easily damage household items such as clothing or furniture. When left to its own devices, it can also cause serious structural damage to your home.

Mold Removal vs. Mold Remediation

Like we mentioned above, it’s important to look for a company that advertises mold remediation and not mold removal. Due to the fact that mold is present everywhere, it’s impossible to actually remove. Claiming to do so is a fallacy.

A qualified mold remediation company understands the facts about mold. They understand the science behind mold growth and this allows them to more effectively tailor their services.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Mold remediation focuses on getting mold back to normal levels. It focuses on removing as much mold as possible, eliminating sources of excess moisture and water, and giving infected areas a thorough cleaning. Our company also gives you expert advice on how you can prevent an outbreak of mold in the future.

Mold Remediation Process

Though the specifics of mold remediation vary depending on the particular scenario, the basics generally remain the same. The steps that we tend to follow include:

  • Emergency Contact – Our experienced team responds to your call as soon as possible. We visit your property for a mold inspection.
  • Mold Inspection and Assessment – After arriving at your property, our team conducts a thorough inspection. We look for both visible and hidden traces of mold. We pay particular attention to areas where water or excess moisture are present. We have a variety of specialized technologies that allow us to detect both mold and water that is hidden from sight.
  • Mold Containment – It’s important to stop the spread of mold as soon as possible. We use a variety of containment procedures to eliminate the mold’s spread throughout your home. These include negative air chambers as well as physical barriers. The goal is to prevent mold from spreading during cleanup.
  • Air Filtration – Our team will set up advanced filtration equipment to remove mold spores from the air. This equipment cleans the air, further helping prevent the spread of mold during the cleaning process.
  • Removing Mold – We then use a number of special treatments to remove mold from your home. These treatments include antifungal and antimicrobial cleaners that not only remove mold but prevent new colonies from forming. We will also remove any mold-infested materials or objects from your home. Often this includes drywall, carpeting, and cabinets.
  • Cleaning Belongings – Our company can help you clean your belongings. It’s essential not to bring any objects back into your house that could aid the spread of mold. We have the equipment to help you clean and sanitize furniture, décor, clothing, and more. The techniques we use also remove odors and deodorize these objects.
  • Mold Restoration – Perhaps the most important part of our mold remediation service is the actual restoration. As a professional general contractor, this includes replacing damaged floors, drywall, cabinets, and more. The levels of repair needed due to mold damage range from minor to major.

Guaranteed Work

Dealing with mold in your home or business is never easy. That’s why we strive to take as much pressure off you as possible, completing mold remediation quickly and efficiently.

Call us today for more information about mold remediation in Carlsbad, California.

Tile and Stone Cleaning in Oceanside

Proper cleaning of the tile and stone in your home is beyond important. It’s the difference between keeping them sparkling clean and accidently damaging them.

The fact is that general household cleaners should never be used on stone or tile. You must only use those that have been specifically formulated for such surfaces. These special stone and tile cleaners are extremely gentle without sacrificing effectiveness.

tile cleaning oceanside

Tile Cleaning and Sealing

Yet even with the right tile and stone cleaners, many people don’t know the best techniques to maximize their efforts. That’s where our professional tile and stone cleaning in Oceanside comes into the picture. Those living in this area can reap the rewards of our expert home cleaning services.

In addition to top-of-the-line cleaning products, we use only the very best machines and equipment. We combine our access to the best gear with years of professional cleaning experience. Our all natural tile and stone cleaning takes care of even the most difficult tile, stone, and grout problems without damaging these surfaces.

We Clean All Tile and Stone

There are dozens of different types of tile and stone out there. Fortunately, we have experience professionally cleaning just about every surface under the sun. If your stone is dull or has etch spots you will need more than a cleaning, see stone restoration below.

From stone to marble to travertine to ceramic, we clean it all. We tailor our services specifically to the surfaces in your home. We start the process with a walkthrough so we can see exactly what we’re working with.

We Clean All Surfaces

Other tile and stone cleaners specialize in just one surface. We do it all. We can clean your floors, showers, countertops, patios, and more.

Our approach is simple. We customize our cleaning process to the particular surface you need cleaned. This enables us not only to get it as clean as new, it also allows us to do so without causing any damage to it at all.

Stone Restoration and Polishing

Stone restoration starts with cleaning. We use only 100 percent natural cleaners designed specifically for cleaning stone. These  don’t contain acid Cleaners and are neutral pH. This ensures the safety of your stone surface’s sealers and wax coatings.

We start by dampening the stone surface with water to keep the cleaning solution on the surface throughout the process. We then use our professional cleaning machines to agitate the cleaner. The next step is soaking up excess water and buffing dry.

Upholstery cleaning

Yet our stone cleaning service doesn’t stop there. After cleaning, we start a honing process which removes a fine layer of the stone to take out etch marks or scratches. We then use different grits of stone polishing diamond pads to get the desired shine on the stone. This could be a low sheen, or high polished shine like marble or granite typically have.  We apply a special natural finish to protect the stone or tile. We can also advise you on a regular care plan so that you can keep your stone in tiptop condition until your next professional cleaning.

We understand that some stone surfaces require heavy duty cleaning. In these instances, we use heavy-duty non-toxic stone cleaner and degreaser. We also use stone poultice to remove stains and grout haze.

Scrubbing Grout

Few household chores are as tedious as hand scrubbing grout. Luckily, we can machine scrub surfaces containing grout for you. If our machines don’t get it perfectly clean, our experts use the best tools and products to finish the job by hand scrubbing.

The fact is that grout requires regular maintenance no matter what. It’s going to get dirty and discolored over time. While you can attempt this yourself, only our professional strength tile and grout cleaner will make your grout look like new. It removes grease, soap scum, mildew stains, algae, body oil, and wax like nobody’s business.

Stone polishing and sealing

Sometimes, however, grout gets stained to the point of no return. If this is the case, our special grout color restoration comes into play. We stain the grout back to its original color, adding a deep seal in the process. Of course, we clean the grout to the best of our abilities before restoring the color to improve the new stain’s lifespan.

High-Quality Impregnator Seal

Our quality impregnator seal penetrates grout deeper for a longer lasting seal. Unlike other grout sealers, an impregnator seal doesn’t contain silicone, thus improving its useful life.

The seal created by our high-quality impregnator seal prevents staining and discoloration without disturbing the grout’s natural color. It simplifies maintenance by preventing moisture from reaching the grout.

Our skilled professionals expertly apply our impregnator seal for the longest lasting effects possible. It’s important to note that we must wait at least 72 hours after the grout has been installed to apply the impregnator seal.

Impregnator seals come in a number of different varieties. The chief difference in these varieties is price and quality. Naturally, the two go hand in hand. Spend more money and you’ll receive a better quality product. Opt to save a little and you’ll receive a lower quality product. We strike a happy middle ground offering the highest quality seal at a very competitive price.

Depending on the amount of traffic your grout receives, you might need to reapply your impregnator seal on a yearly basis. We can either do this for you or give you inside tips on how to best reapply the seal yourself in the future.

Guaranteed Work

Professional tile and stone cleaning is expensive. There is just no getting around that fact. With that said, it’s imperative that you get what you pay for.

That’s exactly what we strive to do. We promise to provide the best quality tile and stone cleaning – no matter the specifics of the job – at the most competitive price possible.

The quality of our service starts from the beginning. Our expert team inspects the surface you need cleaned or restored. We then come up with a thorough plan of attack on how to best get it back to its original condition. We also take this time to consider your specific needs and preferences for the project.

We place safety first throughout the entire cleaning process. We move any valuables to a safe location before we start work. Our all natural cleaning products and environmentally friendly cleaning methods ensure that the entire cleaning process is completely non-toxic from start to finish. We put the health of you, your children, and your pets first and foremost.

What we’re trying to say is that our customers come first. It’s our goal to provide the best tile and stone cleaning in Oceanside, CA.

So next time you need your tile or stone surfaces cleaned, call us for a free estimate.

While caring for your stone floors , we can also offer carpet cleaning in Oceanside as well as surrounding cities.

Tile And Stone Cleaning In Carlsbad

Exceptional Cleaning Services can handle your tile cleaning needs. No matter the type of tile, we are here to give your floors the cleaning they deserve. We clean all types of tile and stone.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Surfaces We Clean:

  • All tile (including ceramic, marble, travertine, porcelain and slate)
  • All types of stone
  • Showers
  • Countertops
  • Patios

Exceptional Clean

Getting your tile clean takes more than just a push of a mop. Those hard to reach places in the grout can harbor a great deal of dirt and germs, making your floor not as clean as you feel. To get the level of clean you want, takes a lot of hard work and scrubbing. At Exceptional Cleaning Services, we know that. This is why we do the job right – hand scrubbing the grout along with a machine scrub. We will get your floors looking like new and no hidden dirt!

Cleaning And Sanitizing

When Exceptional Cleaning Services cleans your tile, stone and grout, we get the dirt deep down to prevent the spreading of germs. A professional cleaning is more than just a deep clean – it helps protect your investment. Buildup of bacteria, dust and other dirt on your floors can lead to all kinds of illnesses along with the breakdown of your flooring.

Our specialists take their time when they clean to provide the upmost in quality and safest clean to protect your natural stone. You not only get your floor back to it’s original luster – you are also protecting and extending the life of your stone and tile surfaces. We use customized cleaning solutions for your floors.

Don’t forget about your tile and natural stone showers! With the daily use and amounts of water, they need cleaned and sealed too!

With our steam option, you will not have to worry about the presence of chemicals. We will hand scrub the grout to get it to the cleanest possible state. Our state-of-the art machine scrub will bring back the shine.

We recommend sealing your natural stone surface after a deep clean to keep the shine.


Not only do we restore, seal and clean stone on countertops and floors – we can also do the same to your patio. Outside weather can be tough on your patio stone or concrete. With regular maintenance, your patio will survive the elements of Mother Nature and still look like new. Ask us today how we can restore stone or concrete on your patio.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Other Services We Offer

In additional to cleaning services, we are here to help you with the following:

  • Stone restoration
  • Stone polishing
  • Grout sealer
  • Clean and sanitize tile, grout and stone
  • Countertop sealing and polishing

Stone Restoration

You generally need to do stone restoration every few years, whether you restore your entire floor or a section with high traffic. We recommend having service on your floor regularly. Often times, just a good cleaning and sealing of your stone will be recommended for maintenance and return the luster.

Areas in your home with heavy traffic and use, like your kitchen and bathrooms, will show wear more quickly. They will typically need restoration more often to remove the dull spots and scratches.

Upholstery cleaning Services

Contact us today for all your natural stone services. We will be more than happy to provide you on-site advice on keeping your stone looking its best.

Stone Polishing

Is your finishing looking a little worn on your natural stone surfaces? No need to worry, Exceptional Cleaning Services can polish your natural stone and marble to return the luster. It will enhance your existing finish and bring the surface back to its original grandeur. Polishing is just part of the process and at times, to enhance this process, we may need to grind or hone your surface in addition to the polish.

Benefits of steam cleaning

Grout Sealer

Does your grout need resealed? One good way to tell is to notice if spills absorb into your grout or bead up into little puddles. Your grout should bead and not allow any moisture to penetrate into the grout. If it does not bead, it is time to seal. It’s nearly impossible to remove stains yourself once they are embedded in the grout. Let us help you return the grout to a cleaner, nicer color that you once had.

Over time, cleaning with harsh chemicals can damage your sealant causing it not to do its job. We use only high quality impregnator sealers, which are designed to soak into porous tile or grout. The sealer then will allow these areas to breathe while simultaneously keeping dirt and other stains from sticking to the surface.

Countertop Sealing And Polishing

Along with flooring, we also offer services for your natural stone on your counters. There are a variety of natural stones used in today’s countertops, including granite, marble and slate. Natural stone is very porous and the best way to prevent stains is to treat the surface with a protective sealer. This sealer will fill in the pores and repel spills on the surface.

There are also various degrees of porosity depending on your stone. Marble and popular granite are extremely porous.

You need to maintain your counters and seal regularly depending on your usage. If left untreated, spills and your everyday mess can penetrate into the surface, leaving a stain. We are experts at treating and removing watermarks, staining, etching and water rings that happen with daily use.

We Are The Cleaning Experts In Carlsbad

Contact Exceptional Cleaning Services today for all your natural stone and tile needs in the Carlsbad area. We are here to help you. Our name is Exceptional Cleaning Services, and we promise to provide just that for you and you investment. We will also educate you on the care and maintenance of your natural stone floors, counters, patios and shower walls.

Our experts will work with you to create a personalized cleaning and restoration program to fit your needs and you budget. Give us a call today. You will be happy you did.

Mold Remediation in Carlsbad

Exceptional Cleaning Services offers restorative services to homes and businesses alike. They provide their services to anyone in the Carlsbad, CA area. A common service offered is mold remediation. This entails finding the source of the mold and working to remove it from the area before any health issues arise. Exceptional Cleaning Services provides their mold remediation services 24/7, so any home or business owner with an emergency mold problem can have the situation dealt with immediately.

Mold Remediation in Carlsbad

Best Mold Environments

It is important for home and business owners to know which environments are best for mold to grow in. They can then be on the lookout for any signs of mold growth in these locations. Mold tends to grow in dark areas that are damp. This means the basement and bathroom are two of the most common locations to find mold. Exceptional Cleaning Services will check these areas first to determine whether or not mold has started to grow. Mold also grows rapidly after water damage occurs. Anyone who has experienced a pipe burst or flooded floors should have their homes checked for mold. One sign of mold is spotting a darkening color on the wall or ceiling.

Home Problems and Mold

Numerous problems can develop in a home due to mold. The mold can eat away at wood and other building materials and cause overall structural damage. This will result in costly repairs and further problems down the line. Mold also eats through floorboards, making it easier for leaks and other damage to occur. Carpet easily becomes damaged due to mold, and retains the odor very well. These problems need to be dealt with as soon as possible so no further damage occurs.

Benefits of steam cleaning

Health Issues and Mold

Mold is not only unsightly and damaging to a home or business, it also causes health issues for the people inside. Exceptional Cleaning Services works to remove the mold as quickly as possible so the residents or employees can return to a clean, safe environment with air that is healthy to breathe.

Numerous health issues develop due to mold. A common problem is red, itchy eyes. This occurs when mold spores make their way into the air. The air is then breathed in, causing allergic reactions in some people. Another typical reaction is sinus congestion. The spores may cause respiratory problems and make it difficult for some to breathe. People with asthma can even have their symptoms exacerbated. Other common health problems include burning eyes, light sensitivity, skin irritation, and a sore throat. Some people may experience mild symptoms, while others face extreme cases.

Mold Inspection

Exceptional Cleaning Services will perform a mold inspection to find any cases of mold within the home or building. Once all locations have been thoroughly inspected and checked, an assessment will be made of what needs to be done next. Testing typically needs to occur to determine whether the mold is severe or mild, and whether dangerous, black mold is present. Many times, a smell is present, leading the crew directly to the mold’s location.

Water Damage Restoration

Mold Testing

The second step is to have mold testing completed. Not all types of mold are as harmful as others. Some can simply be cleaned up and taken care of quickly. Other types, like black mold, are extremely dangerous to people’s overall health, and needs to be removed right away. Another round of testing is usually performed after removal to ensure no more mold is present in the home.

Water Damage Restoration Services

There are three components to mold testing. Air testing, surface testing, and bulk testing all need to be completed. Air testing refers to taking a sample of spores from the air within a home or business. This method is often used when no visible mold growth is seen, but symptoms are occurring. Surface testing requires swabbing various areas where mold is present. The test will tell how far advanced the mold is, as well as how many spores are present in the area. Bulk testing tests actual materials. Pieces of drywall or carpeting that actually have mold present are examined. This can help pinpoint the exact species of mold and let the crew know what type of mold they are dealing with.

Mold Removal

Removing the mold means removing any area where mold is growing. The materials need to be pulled apart and disposed of properly. Before removing it, the area should get cleaned efficiently so the mold is not being breathed in by the crew. They also want to be sure they can get to the source of the mold and have the area cleaned so the problem does not persist. Porous materials usually cannot be cleaned efficiently, meaning they will have to get removed. This includes wood, wallboard, and even paper. These materials need to get thrown out and replaced with new.

Mold Remediation

The actual remediation comes after all previous steps have been completed. Once the mold is cleaned up and removed, Exceptional Cleaning Services then works to find the initial source of the problem. A leaking pipe, condensation around windows, warped wood, and uncleaned air ducts are all usual sources of mold growth sites. The only way to ensure mold stops growing in this area is to fix the underlying problem. A leaking pipe must be repaired. Windows with condensation require a look at the wall’s structure behind it, as well as better insulation. Uncleaned ducts filled with mold need to be properly disinfected. Handling the underlying problem is the only way to ensure true mold remediation.
Exceptional Cleaning Services provides licensed general contractors to assist with water damage, cleaning services, repairs, and mold remediation. They also provide necessary documentation to make the insurance process easier for customers. As soon as mold is detected, must is smelled, or air quality drops, customers can contact Exceptional Cleaning Services to have a mold inspection. Exceptional Cleaning Services is one of the best in the area, providing services to any Carlsbad, CA residents that need it.

Carpet Cleaning In Carlsbad

Choosing the right carpet cleaner is extremely important to the livelihood of your home. Carpets can harbor all kinds of dust, allergens, dirt and other unwanted elements. Your carpet acts as a filter and absorbs common allergens and germs. Your carpets will become full over time, just like an air filter, and will need to be properly cleaned to remain effective at collecting these particles from the air.

Carpet Cleaning In Carlsbad

If anyone in your household has allergies, regular carpet cleaning is a must to remove allergens from time to time. Having pets also adds to the dirt and allergens in your carpet, so you need to consider regular cleaning to remove those particles as well.

You want your carpets to have a deep clean, dry fast and provide a healthier home for your family, right? Exceptional Cleaning Services can do just that for you.

We give you a clean not only that you can see, but also you can trust to provide a healthier home for you and your family.

Non-Toxic Steam Cleaning

Most carpet cleaners use toxic chemicals with dangerous fumes and residue that can seriously affect the health and well being of you and your family. These chemicals have been linked to health issues including damage to liver, kidneys and the human nervous system. Also, a few of the other chemicals are potentially carcinogenic. Do we have your attention now?

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers for the best cleaning and upkeep of your carpet. This process uses a fine spray of water to force out dirt. A vacuum or extractor lifts the dirt in front of the spray.

Upholstery cleaning

Our cleaning service uses all natural, high temperature steam and avoids harsh soaps or chemicals used by other companies. This process is completely safe and non-toxic for you, children and pets. We also use less water in our steam process to avoid the risk of mold and mildew.
Don’t worry our cleaning still penetrates deep into the carpet fibers to remove embedded dirt and germs from your home. Our high grade, extraction equipment pulls out all these allergens and dirt for a more thorough clean. To top that, since we do not leave a residue behind from soaps or other chemicals, your carpets will stay cleaner longer without that residue attracting dirt.

The process is quick and gentle. You do not need to worry about your carpet being damaged regardless of its type of fibers. We are very experienced working with all types of carpet. Also, we use only the best and safest machines out there. Having high-grade machinery is extremely important to protect your carpet.

Fast Drying

You use your carpets daily and the last thing you want is to have to wait a long time, possibly days, for them to dry to be able to walk on them. Not with Exceptional Cleaning Services! We know you need to get back to life as normal quickly. Your carpet will dry within hours so you can get back to daily use almost immediately. This is because we don’t use as much water or other chemicals as other carpet cleaners.

Heavy Soiled Carpets

Your carpet is in use daily and life happens. No worries if you have heavily soiled spots or carpet in general. We will work with you to restore your carpet. We use hot water steam extraction of carpet cleaning. For those soiled spots, we recommend our rotary steam extraction machine. This machine not only removes the majority of these spots – it also can restore the carpet’s pile and appearance. We do our best to use the least amount of chemical even for those heavily soiled areas.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

We can also handle pet soils and odors as well. If you have pets, they can surely soil your carpets, but we have you covered. Our cleaning will remove odors and pet dander that gets trapped in your carpet’s fibers and padding for a cleaner, healthier environment.


Over time, the factory-applied stain resistant will become less effective and leave your carpets exposed to staining. We offer protectants to help your carpets stay stain resistant and create a barrier to prevent further soils. Be sure to ask us about adding a protectant after your cleaning.

Guaranteed Work

Our process begins with an inspection of your carpet and determining your needs and wants. When we begin cleaning, we will protect your floors and walls with guards and tarps. Need us to move furniture? Not a problem, our experts will move your furniture with great care.
Along with our cleaning services, we will deodorize your carpets. We guarantee our work and will fix any cleaning that does not leave you satisfied. Your 100 percent satisfaction is our goal, and we want you to be happy with your service. It’s why we are in business. We know you have a choice in carpet cleaners and can do some cleaning yourself. If you clean your carpets, you will not get as deep of a clean.

Our promise is to provide you exceptional cleaning services – just like our name! Our experts are highly trained and know the value of real customer service.

Our experts will work with you to create a personalized carpet-cleaning program to fit your needs and your budget. You will be confident that your carpets and upholstery is truly clean deep down – and it is safe for your family. That is our promise to you.

Interested in learning more? We service all of the Carlsbad and surrounding areas. Give us a call today for a no-hassle estimate. You will be happy you did.

Why You Should Clean Your Carpet Regularly

For some, they are unaware that carpets can be the home of many allergens if they are not regularly cleaned. To help you understand the importance of cleaning your carpet or the importance of hiring a professional carpet cleaner, here are the things that you should know which are present in your carpets.

Benefits of steam cleaning

Your carpets are the home of bugs and pests like the following:

Water Damage Restoration Services
  • Dust mites – These are microscopic arachnids which are fed through the dead skin cells of the people and the carpet’s animal dander. In a 10 square feet carpet, more than 100,000 dust mites are present and they reproduce and die in a cycle of 3 weeks. The dust mites may not pose health risks but once they are dead, the fecal pellets as well as their decomposing bodies can become allergens to about 18%-30% of the population. Also, homes which are heavily carpeted are exposed to a huge number of dead mites and fecal pellets. These fecal pellets can cause allergic reactions to about 50% of the population who are not affected by dust mites and may exhibit symptoms such as common colds, difficulty in breathing and skin rashes. Worse, they can cause eczema and asthma.
  • Carpet beetles – They are not really dangerous but carpet beetles have several species that can dwell under your carpet. They are fed generally with the cloth fibers, this includes the carpet and may sometimes sneak in with your dry food stores like the animal feed and grains.
  • Fleas and ticks – Fleas and ticks are two forms of insects that suck blood and find the carpet as a conducive place to hide and lay eggs. Usually, fleas are the most common intruder but ticks are also harmful because they pose health risks too.
  • Bed bugs – These bed bugs are also harmful since they are blood sucking critters and love to reside not just in your beds but also includes under the carpets. These are the best places for them to feed and reproduce.
  • Chemicals – Carpets have chemical residues that are used in your home. For instance, if you walk inside the home with gasoline, smoke or nicotine and other chemicals on your shoes, they would end up eventually in your carpet’s padding. These chemicals stay on the carpet for a couple of days or even years.
  • Skin cells – Yes, your carpet is the home of your dead skin cells. Imagine this, in an average; the human being shed about 1.5 million dead skin cells every hour. They will definitely accumulate inside your home and contribute to your carpet’s dirt content.
Upholstery cleaning

Imagine these insects, chemicals and dead skin cells present in your carpet. If you are not cleaning regularly, then they can cause health hazards to every member of the family.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Organic carpet cleaning is an alternative method of cleaning carpets and promotes an environmentally friendly cleaning service for both residential and commercial clients. The process used for this type of cleaning is called dry steam cleaning or specifically known as low moisture extraction of hot water. However, the cleaning process does not use a steam but it is called a steam cleaning since the machine used to heat the water is very hot. This is the most effective way to clean the carpet thoroughly and remove allergens, bacterial growth and mold.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

The process of organic carpet cleaning is done through a mixture of hot water and cleaning agents and injected into the pile of carpet to lift the spots, dirt and stains that have settled deep into the back and fiber of the carpet. The process is different from the traditional way because the mixture is injected into the fiber of the carpet with very low pressure and lesser water. After, the carpet is agitated and the cleaning agents and dirt are extracted through suction.

This process used is recommended by most manufacturers and producers of carpet and carpet fiber because of the benefits it can provide to the client and to the environment. The use of lesser water during the cleaning process is actually revolutionary, environmentally friendly and an organic way of cleaning the carpet. Also, the carpet dries faster compared to other cleaning methods. In the traditional methods, the carpets will dry at least 6 hours or even 24 hours while the method used for organic carpet cleaning only requires a few hours after cleaning to completely dry.

Upholstery cleaning Services

Another advantage of using organic carpet cleaning is the use of organic and biodegradable cleaning products. If your carpet has stubborn stains and spots, they use a specialized shampoo to get the job done. These organic cleaning products are used both for residential and commercial establishments. If the owners have allergies, asthma, chronic respiratory illnesses for the elderly and small children, they do not have to worry since the cleaning products are all safe even for the pets and plants too.

After tackling about the advantages of organic carpet cleaning, the next thing to understand is that the whole cleaning process must be done professionally. Yes, regular vacuum cleaning is very important to avoid accumulation of dirt like soil and oil but at the same time, your carpet must be cleaned professionally once in two years or more often depending on the foot traffic and if you have pets to maintain its appearance, color and to enjoy a fresh, clean and odor-free carpet.