Most of the people are not using natural stone floors on their staircases, living room floors, chimney, barbecue corners or the more common is the kitchen and bathroom counter-tops. The main doubt about stone floors is not actually the cost but how to clean them.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

First, this article is going to help you about the home solutions on how to clean stone floors where the cleaning products are the ones you regularly use for cleaning the entire house. The best way of cleaning natural stone floors like marble, granite, slate or sandstone is a mixture of water and PH neutral soap, this is similar to a dishwashing soap. Also, they can be thoroughly cleaned with a mixture of water and a very small portion of ammonia or bleach but it is better to use ammonia because it is not acidic, it is just a base that does not damage the stone. One important reminder is never mix bleach with ammonia since the mixture creates a vapor that can be fatal when inhaled.

Second, cleaning must be done with the use of a soft cloth, very soft brush or a sponge so that the tiles will not be scratched. When cleaning, do it in a circling motion. After, use a soft towel to dry the surface since leaving the stone to dry on its own will leave a whitish spot and it will not have a shiny surface too.

Carpet and stone cleaning

Third, fats are one of the culprits of having a dirty kitchen or floor especially when you do barbecues where the grease or oil are left on the floor and counter-top. The most effective remedy is the use of talcum powder. Just apply the talcum powder on the dirty spots and leave it for a couple of days until it reacts. The more talcum powder on top is better. After a couple of days, if there are still fats or grease, repeat the process. Another remedy is to make a solution of water and sodium bicarbonate, cover the area with the mixture and leave until it reacts.

Another problem with stone floors is rust. This happens when some metal comes in contact with your stone floor and it has oxidized. For a home solution, just clean or erase it with a mixture of salt and lemon juice. You must remember that lemon is acidic, for this reason, do not leave it for a long time because it can remove the shine of the stone. After putting the mixture for a couple of minutes, clean it with lots of water and let it dry.

Water Damage Restoration

These are the helpful and practical home cleaning solutions with your stone floors.