There is a proper way to clean your tile flooring to keep it last longer and maintain its quality. To help you on the proper way of cleaning them, here are important things to remember:

Carpet and stone cleaning
  • Sweeping – The tile flooring can easily accumulate dirt especially those surfaces that have textured styles. With this, regular sweeping will loosen and remove most of the dirt. Other ways is to use a vacuum cleaner but make sure to use the one that has no beater bar so that the tiles will not be scratched or become dull. The vacuum cleaner is a great way to clean the tile flooring because it can suck up the dirt between the tiles and the edges.
  • Mats – The use of mats in your entrance door is a great way to remove the dirt from getting inside the house and make sure to shake them always and change regularly. Mats are helpful to reduce the accumulation of dirt on your tile flooring, as a result, they can reduce the wear and tear of the surface of the tile.
  • Mopping – Tile floors especially made of ceramics must be damp-mopped with the use of appropriate tile cleaners and grout. In case there is soil on your tiles, spot clean them with the use of a clean cloth or sponge.
  • Heavy cleaning – For textured tile flooring, mild scrubbing through the use of an electric scrubber/polisher or soft brush is highly recommended. Also, use a mild detergent when cleaning and rinse it thoroughly with warm water so that the residue will be removed. Then, wipe the floor with a dry towel to remove all the grease and water. In case of soft water situations, you need an all-purpose cleaner, applying it on the floor and leave for 3-5 minutes. After, lightly scrub with the use of a sponge and rinse well. You can use any cleaning products which are available in the local hardware or grocery store to remove hard water deposits, mildew stain and soap scum. Before using or buying any cleaning product, make sure to check the recommended kind to avoid damage and achieve clean and shiny tile flooring.
 Upholstery cleaning

In addition, there are some do’s and don’ts when cleaning your tile flooring, they are:

Stone polishing and sealing
  • Do clean the spills quickly so that the grout will not be stained.
  • Do not use scouring powders, steel wool and other abrasives that can cause scratches on the finishing of your tile.
  • Remember that ceramic tiles are very durable but they are also indestructible, in effect, they may chip or crack under extreme force.
  • Do not use cleaners that are ammonia based or bleach, they can discolor the grout if used regularly.

These are the important things that you must remember to keep your tile flooring looking good as new even if they have been installed many years ago.