Exceptional Cleaning Services offers restorative services to homes and businesses alike. They provide their services to anyone in the Carlsbad, CA area. A common service offered is mold remediation. This entails finding the source of the mold and working to remove it from the area before any health issues arise. Exceptional Cleaning Services provides their mold remediation services 24/7, so any home or business owner with an emergency mold problem can have the situation dealt with immediately.

Mold Remediation in Carlsbad

Best Mold Environments

It is important for home and business owners to know which environments are best for mold to grow in. They can then be on the lookout for any signs of mold growth in these locations. Mold tends to grow in dark areas that are damp. This means the basement and bathroom are two of the most common locations to find mold. Exceptional Cleaning Services will check these areas first to determine whether or not mold has started to grow. Mold also grows rapidly after water damage occurs. Anyone who has experienced a pipe burst or flooded floors should have their homes checked for mold. One sign of mold is spotting a darkening color on the wall or ceiling.

Home Problems and Mold

Numerous problems can develop in a home due to mold. The mold can eat away at wood and other building materials and cause overall structural damage. This will result in costly repairs and further problems down the line. Mold also eats through floorboards, making it easier for leaks and other damage to occur. Carpet easily becomes damaged due to mold, and retains the odor very well. These problems need to be dealt with as soon as possible so no further damage occurs.

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Health Issues and Mold

Mold is not only unsightly and damaging to a home or business, it also causes health issues for the people inside. Exceptional Cleaning Services works to remove the mold as quickly as possible so the residents or employees can return to a clean, safe environment with air that is healthy to breathe.

Numerous health issues develop due to mold. A common problem is red, itchy eyes. This occurs when mold spores make their way into the air. The air is then breathed in, causing allergic reactions in some people. Another typical reaction is sinus congestion. The spores may cause respiratory problems and make it difficult for some to breathe. People with asthma can even have their symptoms exacerbated. Other common health problems include burning eyes, light sensitivity, skin irritation, and a sore throat. Some people may experience mild symptoms, while others face extreme cases.

Mold Inspection

Exceptional Cleaning Services will perform a mold inspection to find any cases of mold within the home or building. Once all locations have been thoroughly inspected and checked, an assessment will be made of what needs to be done next. Testing typically needs to occur to determine whether the mold is severe or mild, and whether dangerous, black mold is present. Many times, a smell is present, leading the crew directly to the mold’s location.

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Mold Testing

The second step is to have mold testing completed. Not all types of mold are as harmful as others. Some can simply be cleaned up and taken care of quickly. Other types, like black mold, are extremely dangerous to people’s overall health, and needs to be removed right away. Another round of testing is usually performed after removal to ensure no more mold is present in the home.

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There are three components to mold testing. Air testing, surface testing, and bulk testing all need to be completed. Air testing refers to taking a sample of spores from the air within a home or business. This method is often used when no visible mold growth is seen, but symptoms are occurring. Surface testing requires swabbing various areas where mold is present. The test will tell how far advanced the mold is, as well as how many spores are present in the area. Bulk testing tests actual materials. Pieces of drywall or carpeting that actually have mold present are examined. This can help pinpoint the exact species of mold and let the crew know what type of mold they are dealing with.

Mold Removal

Removing the mold means removing any area where mold is growing. The materials need to be pulled apart and disposed of properly. Before removing it, the area should get cleaned efficiently so the mold is not being breathed in by the crew. They also want to be sure they can get to the source of the mold and have the area cleaned so the problem does not persist. Porous materials usually cannot be cleaned efficiently, meaning they will have to get removed. This includes wood, wallboard, and even paper. These materials need to get thrown out and replaced with new.

Mold Remediation

The actual remediation comes after all previous steps have been completed. Once the mold is cleaned up and removed, Exceptional Cleaning Services then works to find the initial source of the problem. A leaking pipe, condensation around windows, warped wood, and uncleaned air ducts are all usual sources of mold growth sites. The only way to ensure mold stops growing in this area is to fix the underlying problem. A leaking pipe must be repaired. Windows with condensation require a look at the wall’s structure behind it, as well as better insulation. Uncleaned ducts filled with mold need to be properly disinfected. Handling the underlying problem is the only way to ensure true mold remediation.
Exceptional Cleaning Services provides licensed general contractors to assist with water damage, cleaning services, repairs, and mold remediation. They also provide necessary documentation to make the insurance process easier for customers. As soon as mold is detected, must is smelled, or air quality drops, customers can contact Exceptional Cleaning Services to have a mold inspection. Exceptional Cleaning Services is one of the best in the area, providing services to any Carlsbad, CA residents that need it.