Organic carpet cleaning is an alternative method of cleaning carpets and promotes an environmentally friendly cleaning service for both residential and commercial clients. The process used for this type of cleaning is called dry steam cleaning or specifically known as low moisture extraction of hot water. However, the cleaning process does not use a steam but it is called a steam cleaning since the machine used to heat the water is very hot. This is the most effective way to clean the carpet thoroughly and remove allergens, bacterial growth and mold.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

The process of organic carpet cleaning is done through a mixture of hot water and cleaning agents and injected into the pile of carpet to lift the spots, dirt and stains that have settled deep into the back and fiber of the carpet. The process is different from the traditional way because the mixture is injected into the fiber of the carpet with very low pressure and lesser water. After, the carpet is agitated and the cleaning agents and dirt are extracted through suction.

This process used is recommended by most manufacturers and producers of carpet and carpet fiber because of the benefits it can provide to the client and to the environment. The use of lesser water during the cleaning process is actually revolutionary, environmentally friendly and an organic way of cleaning the carpet. Also, the carpet dries faster compared to other cleaning methods. In the traditional methods, the carpets will dry at least 6 hours or even 24 hours while the method used for organic carpet cleaning only requires a few hours after cleaning to completely dry.

Upholstery cleaning Services

Another advantage of using organic carpet cleaning is the use of organic and biodegradable cleaning products. If your carpet has stubborn stains and spots, they use a specialized shampoo to get the job done. These organic cleaning products are used both for residential and commercial establishments. If the owners have allergies, asthma, chronic respiratory illnesses for the elderly and small children, they do not have to worry since the cleaning products are all safe even for the pets and plants too.

After tackling about the advantages of organic carpet cleaning, the next thing to understand is that the whole cleaning process must be done professionally. Yes, regular vacuum cleaning is very important to avoid accumulation of dirt like soil and oil but at the same time, your carpet must be cleaned professionally once in two years or more often depending on the foot traffic and if you have pets to maintain its appearance, color and to enjoy a fresh, clean and odor-free carpet.