Exceptional Cleaning Services can handle your tile cleaning needs. No matter the type of tile, we are here to give your floors the cleaning they deserve. We clean all types of tile and stone.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Surfaces We Clean:

  • All tile (including ceramic, marble, travertine, porcelain and slate)
  • All types of stone
  • Showers
  • Countertops
  • Patios

Exceptional Clean

Getting your tile clean takes more than just a push of a mop. Those hard to reach places in the grout can harbor a great deal of dirt and germs, making your floor not as clean as you feel. To get the level of clean you want, takes a lot of hard work and scrubbing. At Exceptional Cleaning Services, we know that. This is why we do the job right – hand scrubbing the grout along with a machine scrub. We will get your floors looking like new and no hidden dirt!

Cleaning And Sanitizing

When Exceptional Cleaning Services cleans your tile, stone and grout, we get the dirt deep down to prevent the spreading of germs. A professional cleaning is more than just a deep clean – it helps protect your investment. Buildup of bacteria, dust and other dirt on your floors can lead to all kinds of illnesses along with the breakdown of your flooring.

Our specialists take their time when they clean to provide the upmost in quality and safest clean to protect your natural stone. You not only get your floor back to it’s original luster – you are also protecting and extending the life of your stone and tile surfaces. We use customized cleaning solutions for your floors.

Don’t forget about your tile and natural stone showers! With the daily use and amounts of water, they need cleaned and sealed too!

With our steam option, you will not have to worry about the presence of chemicals. We will hand scrub the grout to get it to the cleanest possible state. Our state-of-the art machine scrub will bring back the shine.

We recommend sealing your natural stone surface after a deep clean to keep the shine.


Not only do we restore, seal and clean stone on countertops and floors – we can also do the same to your patio. Outside weather can be tough on your patio stone or concrete. With regular maintenance, your patio will survive the elements of Mother Nature and still look like new. Ask us today how we can restore stone or concrete on your patio.

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Other Services We Offer

In additional to cleaning services, we are here to help you with the following:

  • Stone restoration
  • Stone polishing
  • Grout sealer
  • Clean and sanitize tile, grout and stone
  • Countertop sealing and polishing

Stone Restoration

You generally need to do stone restoration every few years, whether you restore your entire floor or a section with high traffic. We recommend having service on your floor regularly. Often times, just a good cleaning and sealing of your stone will be recommended for maintenance and return the luster.

Areas in your home with heavy traffic and use, like your kitchen and bathrooms, will show wear more quickly. They will typically need restoration more often to remove the dull spots and scratches.

Upholstery cleaning Services

Contact us today for all your natural stone services. We will be more than happy to provide you on-site advice on keeping your stone looking its best.

Stone Polishing

Is your finishing looking a little worn on your natural stone surfaces? No need to worry, Exceptional Cleaning Services can polish your natural stone and marble to return the luster. It will enhance your existing finish and bring the surface back to its original grandeur. Polishing is just part of the process and at times, to enhance this process, we may need to grind or hone your surface in addition to the polish.

Benefits of steam cleaning

Grout Sealer

Does your grout need resealed? One good way to tell is to notice if spills absorb into your grout or bead up into little puddles. Your grout should bead and not allow any moisture to penetrate into the grout. If it does not bead, it is time to seal. It’s nearly impossible to remove stains yourself once they are embedded in the grout. Let us help you return the grout to a cleaner, nicer color that you once had.

Over time, cleaning with harsh chemicals can damage your sealant causing it not to do its job. We use only high quality impregnator sealers, which are designed to soak into porous tile or grout. The sealer then will allow these areas to breathe while simultaneously keeping dirt and other stains from sticking to the surface.

Countertop Sealing And Polishing

Along with flooring, we also offer services for your natural stone on your counters. There are a variety of natural stones used in today’s countertops, including granite, marble and slate. Natural stone is very porous and the best way to prevent stains is to treat the surface with a protective sealer. This sealer will fill in the pores and repel spills on the surface.

There are also various degrees of porosity depending on your stone. Marble and popular granite are extremely porous.

You need to maintain your counters and seal regularly depending on your usage. If left untreated, spills and your everyday mess can penetrate into the surface, leaving a stain. We are experts at treating and removing watermarks, staining, etching and water rings that happen with daily use.

We Are The Cleaning Experts In Carlsbad

Contact Exceptional Cleaning Services today for all your natural stone and tile needs in the Carlsbad area. We are here to help you. Our name is Exceptional Cleaning Services, and we promise to provide just that for you and you investment. We will also educate you on the care and maintenance of your natural stone floors, counters, patios and shower walls.

Our experts will work with you to create a personalized cleaning and restoration program to fit your needs and you budget. Give us a call today. You will be happy you did.