The biggest surface in your home is your floor and cleaning it entails time and effort. For some, keeping the tile floors clean all the time is a nightmare especially when they use different kinds of tiles inside and outside their homes. However, there are two basic rules to keep your tile flooring clean and look great regardless of their type, they are:

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  • Immediately wipe the spills to avoid serious damage or stains.
  • Regular cleaning to avoid the use of harmful chemicals or hard scrubbing of stubborn dirt and stains.
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There are many rules to clean your tile flooring but these two are the most basic. The first thing that will be explained in detail is to clean your tile floors regularly. To maintain your tile flooring, it must be cleaned regularly or cleaning it must be part of your routine. Never wait when your floor is too dirty and you cannot stand it anymore. Regular cleaning avoids the accumulation of dirt and stains and it can make your home clean and fresh too. Also, regular cleaning will give your tiles extra shine and still looks new even if it has been installed for a long time. The problem when you just leave your tile floors dirty and you just clean it when you cannot stand it anymore is that you have to work harder and use harsh chemicals to remove the stains.

Stone polishing and sealing

Second, clean the spill quickly. You should have an absorbent cloth ready in case of spills on your floor. Remember, tracked dirt and plain water are considered spills too. If you leave them on the floor, surely, you need extra effort and work to clean those muddy footprints and other spills on your tile flooring. For an easier life, keep an absorbent towel or rug on your front door during rainy or snowy weather. This can avoid the dirt and footprints from getting inside your house. Other remedies include a no shoes rule when it is raining, snowing or mudding outside and wipe your pet’s feet before entering the home.

Regardless of the kind of tile flooring you have in your home, maintenance cleaning is the same like vacuum, sweep or dust and damp mop the flooring every week. It is also important to choose the right kind of dust mop, it must be fluffy, soft and can be washed and removed. Choosing a quality one can save money because you can simply remove and wash it after cleaning.

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These are the basic rules when it comes to tile cleaning. Following these easy tips can make your life easier and a home that is fresh and clean.