Proper cleaning of the tile and stone in your home is beyond important. It’s the difference between keeping them sparkling clean and accidently damaging them.

The fact is that general household cleaners should never be used on stone or tile. You must only use those that have been specifically formulated for such surfaces. These special stone and tile cleaners are extremely gentle without sacrificing effectiveness.

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Tile Cleaning and Sealing

Yet even with the right tile and stone cleaners, many people don’t know the best techniques to maximize their efforts. That’s where our professional tile and stone cleaning in Oceanside comes into the picture. Those living in this area can reap the rewards of our expert home cleaning services.

In addition to top-of-the-line cleaning products, we use only the very best machines and equipment. We combine our access to the best gear with years of professional cleaning experience. Our all natural tile and stone cleaning takes care of even the most difficult tile, stone, and grout problems without damaging these surfaces.

We Clean All Tile and Stone

There are dozens of different types of tile and stone out there. Fortunately, we have experience professionally cleaning just about every surface under the sun. If your stone is dull or has etch spots you will need more than a cleaning, see stone restoration below.

From stone to marble to travertine to ceramic, we clean it all. We tailor our services specifically to the surfaces in your home. We start the process with a walkthrough so we can see exactly what we’re working with.

We Clean All Surfaces

Other tile and stone cleaners specialize in just one surface. We do it all. We can clean your floors, showers, countertops, patios, and more.

Our approach is simple. We customize our cleaning process to the particular surface you need cleaned. This enables us not only to get it as clean as new, it also allows us to do so without causing any damage to it at all.

Stone Restoration and Polishing

Stone restoration starts with cleaning. We use only 100 percent natural cleaners designed specifically for cleaning stone. These  don’t contain acid Cleaners and are neutral pH. This ensures the safety of your stone surface’s sealers and wax coatings.

We start by dampening the stone surface with water to keep the cleaning solution on the surface throughout the process. We then use our professional cleaning machines to agitate the cleaner. The next step is soaking up excess water and buffing dry.

Upholstery cleaning

Yet our stone cleaning service doesn’t stop there. After cleaning, we start a honing process which removes a fine layer of the stone to take out etch marks or scratches. We then use different grits of stone polishing diamond pads to get the desired shine on the stone. This could be a low sheen, or high polished shine like marble or granite typically have.  We apply a special natural finish to protect the stone or tile. We can also advise you on a regular care plan so that you can keep your stone in tiptop condition until your next professional cleaning.

We understand that some stone surfaces require heavy duty cleaning. In these instances, we use heavy-duty non-toxic stone cleaner and degreaser. We also use stone poultice to remove stains and grout haze.

Scrubbing Grout

Few household chores are as tedious as hand scrubbing grout. Luckily, we can machine scrub surfaces containing grout for you. If our machines don’t get it perfectly clean, our experts use the best tools and products to finish the job by hand scrubbing.

The fact is that grout requires regular maintenance no matter what. It’s going to get dirty and discolored over time. While you can attempt this yourself, only our professional strength tile and grout cleaner will make your grout look like new. It removes grease, soap scum, mildew stains, algae, body oil, and wax like nobody’s business.

Stone polishing and sealing

Sometimes, however, grout gets stained to the point of no return. If this is the case, our special grout color restoration comes into play. We stain the grout back to its original color, adding a deep seal in the process. Of course, we clean the grout to the best of our abilities before restoring the color to improve the new stain’s lifespan.

High-Quality Impregnator Seal

Our quality impregnator seal penetrates grout deeper for a longer lasting seal. Unlike other grout sealers, an impregnator seal doesn’t contain silicone, thus improving its useful life.

The seal created by our high-quality impregnator seal prevents staining and discoloration without disturbing the grout’s natural color. It simplifies maintenance by preventing moisture from reaching the grout.

Our skilled professionals expertly apply our impregnator seal for the longest lasting effects possible. It’s important to note that we must wait at least 72 hours after the grout has been installed to apply the impregnator seal.

Impregnator seals come in a number of different varieties. The chief difference in these varieties is price and quality. Naturally, the two go hand in hand. Spend more money and you’ll receive a better quality product. Opt to save a little and you’ll receive a lower quality product. We strike a happy middle ground offering the highest quality seal at a very competitive price.

Depending on the amount of traffic your grout receives, you might need to reapply your impregnator seal on a yearly basis. We can either do this for you or give you inside tips on how to best reapply the seal yourself in the future.

Guaranteed Work

Professional tile and stone cleaning is expensive. There is just no getting around that fact. With that said, it’s imperative that you get what you pay for.

That’s exactly what we strive to do. We promise to provide the best quality tile and stone cleaning – no matter the specifics of the job – at the most competitive price possible.

The quality of our service starts from the beginning. Our expert team inspects the surface you need cleaned or restored. We then come up with a thorough plan of attack on how to best get it back to its original condition. We also take this time to consider your specific needs and preferences for the project.

We place safety first throughout the entire cleaning process. We move any valuables to a safe location before we start work. Our all natural cleaning products and environmentally friendly cleaning methods ensure that the entire cleaning process is completely non-toxic from start to finish. We put the health of you, your children, and your pets first and foremost.

What we’re trying to say is that our customers come first. It’s our goal to provide the best tile and stone cleaning in Oceanside, CA.

So next time you need your tile or stone surfaces cleaned, call us for a free estimate.

While caring for your stone floors , we can also offer carpet cleaning in Oceanside as well as surrounding cities.