Exceptional Cleaning Services offers cleaning and restoration in Carlsbad, CA. They offer a variety of services to their customers, including water damage restoration for residential houses and commercial buildings.

Carpet Tile Flood Cleaning

Water damage should not get left untreated. Whether a flood occurred, or a leak developed, the water left behind needs to get taken care of immediately. That is what Exceptional Cleaning Services is here for. They offer 24/7 service to home and business owners with an emergency. They are the best option in the area.

Items to Move

Before the restoration process begins, the Exceptional Cleaning Services crew moves the necessary items out of the way. This includes all electrical items and electronic devices that can get destroyed by just a little water. Once these items are in a dry, secure location, any wet objects already damaged by water are also removed from the area.

The Restoration Process

The restoration process includes a few precise steps. Each needs to be followed correctly in order for the home or business to be completely cleared of all water and severe damage avoided. The first step in the process is water extraction. All water from the area should get extracted and dispersed elsewhere. This is especially important for floors. Carpeted and hardwood floors can absorb the water, ensuring damage occurs to the structural surface underneath. This also provided a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Water Damage Restoration

Water extraction is not all that is needed. Even with the water no longer visible, remaining moisture within the walls and floors can still cause damage. The area also needs time to dry. Exceptional Cleaning Services brings in large fans to place in various areas throughout the home or building. They may also use dehumidifiers. This absorbs the moisture within the air and ensures no further moisture is left to fester and cause mold growth. After the area is dry, the crew works to deodorize. Wet carpets and components quickly develop a musty smell. All surfaces are also disinfected to ensure no bacteria can grow. Following this process precisely limits the possibility of mold growth and ensures no further damage is done.

Water Damage Repairs

The water damage Repairs Carlsbad customers need typically include floorboard removal and reinstallation, pipe replacement, and structural drying. Exceptional Cleaning Services helps customers manage these repairs and return their homes and businesses to normal. Floorboards can crack, warp, and buckle if they are left wet and not properly treated. Pipes may burst, meaning they will have to get replaced. Even the structure of the home can become damaged if water finds its way inside. These repairs need to be made immediately to avoid long term damage and additional problems.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Wet Basements

The basement is a common location for water damage to occur. Water easily floods into the basement when a pipe breaks or severe weather starts. Exceptional Cleaning services sends a crew down to the basement to get all water extracted and the area cleaned. A damp, dark area has the highest possibility for mold to grow. A wet basement needs immediate treatment to prevent mold growth from happening. Not only does the water need extraction, but walls often need holes and cracks filled, and sometimes the foundation repaired. The crew will assess the damage and instruct the homeowner on the best course of action for having the damage repaired. After the repair is complete, homeowners should consider having their basement waterproofed.

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Hardwood floors require immediate dry time. Any moisture left within the floorboards can cause buckling, raised edges, and warped boards. Exceptional Cleaning Services will ensure all hardwood floors are completely dried out and safe before leaving. Floors should never get sanded or replaced before proper dry time has been allowed. It can cause further problems down the line.

Carpet and stone cleaning

Structural Drying

A home or business may suffer structural damage if it is left wet and not properly dried out. Exceptional Cleaning Services provides an immediate assessment of the building’s structure to determine if any structural drying is needed. They also check the plumbing system to see if the problem occurred because of a leak or other plumbing problem throughout the building or home. Electrical components also get checked, ensuring no damage occurred to wires and devices that could cause a shock when touched. Special fans and dehumidifiers will be placed within the walls and directed at floorboards so any areas within the home or building’s structure will dry quickly. this prevents further damage from occurring. Water damage to a structural feature could cause major trouble down the line, and costly repairs.

Source Inspection

The source of the water leak needs to be found in order to ensure the problem will not occur again. Even if the water came from outside because of a storm, the entry point needs to be detected so the area can be properly sealed. Exceptional Cleaning Services will pinpoint the water’s point of entry and seal or repair the area so no further water can make its way through.

Damage Assessment

Customers do not have to worry about taking assessments of the damage that occurred after water damage. Exceptional Cleaning Services handles it all. They document all damages found and provide their customers with a list of what was discovered. There are also forms to fill out for the insurance company. They help customers fill out and file these forms, informing them of all damages and details to write down. These forms help discover the cost of the items lost and the overall value of the property. Insurance companies require this form before they can make their own assessments regarding which items are covered under the policy and which are not.

As licensed general contractors, we can help to repair damaged floors, walls, cabinets, drywall, and painting. We work with insurance companies to get the damages repaired at a low cost to you. Exceptional Cleaning Services is the best in the area, offering a variety of water damage restoration services in Carlsbad.