It’s bad enough when excess moisture gets inside of your home. Yet flooding, such as that caused by natural disasters or burst pipes, is far worse. When this amount of water enters your home, the situation can quickly turn into an emergency.

Water damage is one of the most expensive problems a homeowner can face. Not only does it ruin valuable belongings and create serious structural problems, it can also leave behind toxic elements that create a severe biological threat, even after removal.

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The potential severity of water damage is exactly why you should leave clean up and restoration to the professionals. We provide water damage restoration in Oceanside for those afflicted with such a problem.

Take Immediate Action

Immediate action is absolutely critical when it comes to home water damage. It helps minimize long-term damages and protects your family’s safety.

Timely restoration greatly reduces the severity of structural damage. You need to get the water out as soon as possible. You then need to dry and dehumidify the area to prevent further problems.

Calling in the professionals also immediately reduces health risks. Water damage creates serious health issues by creating a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. And that’s not to mention the dangers of contaminated water.

Simply put, call in our water damage restoration professionals as soon as you detect water damage in your home.

Common Water Damage Scenarios

Our team of skilled professionals can handle disasters of any type and size. The specifics of each situation are looked at carefully to gauge the particular type of restoration needed. A few of the most common water damage scenarios we see in Oceanside include:

  • Flooding
  • Storm Damage
  • Leaking Appliances, Plumbing, and Water Heaters
  • Overflowing Bathtubs, Sinks, and Toilets
  • Sewage Backups
  • Our Water Damage Restoration Process

    Every water damage situation requires a unique solution. We tailor our restoration process to the specifics of your situation. With that said, the basics of the process remain the same. The individual steps include:

  • Emergency Contact – Call us immediately for a professional assessment. Our team will arrive at your home at your earliest convenience to inspect the damage. Even a delay of only a few hours can be the difference between quick and affordable or lengthy and expensive repairs.
  • Inspection and Assessment – Our team will start our thorough inspection of your property immediately. We assess the water damage and create a detailed plan to restore your property to its original condition. This involves stopping the source of the water, identifying the type of water (and its contamination level), and completing a safety inspection.
  • Water Removal – As soon as our inspection is complete, our team will begin to remove the water from your home with our top quality equipment. Our powerful pumps and vacuum units can extract even hundreds of gallons of water in no time at all. Special equipment is used to ensure that no water is left “hiding” behind walls or ceilings.
  • Drying and Dehumidification – Your home will most likely look dry once all the water is removed – but it isn’t. There is still a lot of moisture left. A large portion is likely stored in porous materials such as drywall and wood. If left to its own devices, this water will cause warping, swelling, and breakage in addition to mold growth.

    The drying and dehumidification process is designed to remove every last hint of moisture. Equipment such as industrial air movers and dehumidifiers are used to remove leftover moisture. Moisture meters make sure that we don’t leave until the job is 100 percent complete.

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing – When water enters your home, it often contains toxic contaminants. Even if it doesn’t, it likely brought in a lot of dirt and debris. It’s essential to clean the damaged areas.

    Our water damage restoration service includes cleaning and sanitizing. Not only do we clean your home’s many surfaces (including floors, walls, and ceilings), we also help clean your personal belongings. We have specialized equipment to clean objects including furniture and clothing.

    Sanitization and deodorization are the last steps of our cleaning process. We apply antimicrobial, antibacterial, and disinfectant treatments as needed. We also have equipment to help remove lingering odors from your home.

  • Restoration – The final step of the water damage restoration process is the actual restoration. This can only be accomplished once all moisture has been removed and every surface has been cleaned.

    The level of restoration your home requires depends on the severity of the water damage. Many homes only need minor repairs such as drywall or carpet replacement. Others need major repairs including reconstruction of certain areas or rooms. Still other homes need no repairs at all.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Our Oceanside, California water damage restoration services are not limited to residential buildings. We also offer commercial water damage restoration.

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If your office or business has been damaged by water, follow the same steps we outlined for home water damage restoration above. Most importantly, remember to act quickly and give us a call immediately. The sooner we can start working, the cheaper and quicker the restoration process will be.

Guaranteed Work

Our water damage restoration service gives you the best bang for your buck in Oceanside, CA. Not only is our service of the highest quality, it’s also quick and efficient.

We stick out from the pack thanks largely to our attention to detail. We strive to tackle every little aspect of restoration so your home is back in its original condition quickly.

Our guarantee of quality extends from our attention of detail to our commitment to our customers. We know how stressful dealing with water damage can be and we want to make the process of restoration as easy and painless as possible.

Part of the way we do this is with the best products and equipment. We constantly update our repertoire of removal, drying, dehumidification, cleaning, sanitizing, and restoration equipment. We also believe in using 100 percent natural cleaning and sanitizing products to ensure the health of your home.

If your home or business is ever damaged by water, give us a call right away.