For some, they are unaware that carpets can be the home of many allergens if they are not regularly cleaned. To help you understand the importance of cleaning your carpet or the importance of hiring a professional carpet cleaner, here are the things that you should know which are present in your carpets.

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Your carpets are the home of bugs and pests like the following:

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  • Dust mites – These are microscopic arachnids which are fed through the dead skin cells of the people and the carpet’s animal dander. In a 10 square feet carpet, more than 100,000 dust mites are present and they reproduce and die in a cycle of 3 weeks. The dust mites may not pose health risks but once they are dead, the fecal pellets as well as their decomposing bodies can become allergens to about 18%-30% of the population. Also, homes which are heavily carpeted are exposed to a huge number of dead mites and fecal pellets. These fecal pellets can cause allergic reactions to about 50% of the population who are not affected by dust mites and may exhibit symptoms such as common colds, difficulty in breathing and skin rashes. Worse, they can cause eczema and asthma.
  • Carpet beetles – They are not really dangerous but carpet beetles have several species that can dwell under your carpet. They are fed generally with the cloth fibers, this includes the carpet and may sometimes sneak in with your dry food stores like the animal feed and grains.
  • Fleas and ticks – Fleas and ticks are two forms of insects that suck blood and find the carpet as a conducive place to hide and lay eggs. Usually, fleas are the most common intruder but ticks are also harmful because they pose health risks too.
  • Bed bugs – These bed bugs are also harmful since they are blood sucking critters and love to reside not just in your beds but also includes under the carpets. These are the best places for them to feed and reproduce.
  • Chemicals – Carpets have chemical residues that are used in your home. For instance, if you walk inside the home with gasoline, smoke or nicotine and other chemicals on your shoes, they would end up eventually in your carpet’s padding. These chemicals stay on the carpet for a couple of days or even years.
  • Skin cells – Yes, your carpet is the home of your dead skin cells. Imagine this, in an average; the human being shed about 1.5 million dead skin cells every hour. They will definitely accumulate inside your home and contribute to your carpet’s dirt content.
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Imagine these insects, chemicals and dead skin cells present in your carpet. If you are not cleaning regularly, then they can cause health hazards to every member of the family.